Delivery time & shipping costs

After how many days will my order be delivered?

> during normal periods: add between 3 and 5/6 (working) days to the day of the order, this is including preparing for shipment within 2 working days.

> during promotion days such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, public holidays or in a holiday month (such as December) or due to bad weather conditions: add up to 9 (working) days to the day of the order, this is including preparing for shipment within 2 working days.

> working days are all days except weekends and public holidays (in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain).

Of course you are very curious when your order will be delivered to you, all orders are shipped from our large central European warehouse (40.000 m2) in (Spain) (Netherlands), 

† We ship to all countries in Western Europe, including the Scandinavian countries.

Have you not received your order after the delivery time indicated above?

Ga NOT dial, but send an email to our customer service (Aftersales Team) ,

do not forget de 9 uppercase order reference to state! This order code becomes the file number in case of questions and problems. You may also receive a copy of the invoice as attachment of the e-mail.


How do I place an order?

There are several steps to place an order.

1) Click on the image of the article you want to order: if the article is not (any longer) in stock, this will be stated in text (out of stock) and it is also not (any longer) possible to click the { buttonAdd to cart} to use.

2) The page that appears next is called the product page† This page states, among other things, that you can determine the shipping costs yourself by choosing from different transport services. The stated shipping times per transport service are the times specified by the transport service itself. These are average shipping times, which depend on, for example, weather conditions, strikes, and other crisis conditions.

You choose a number of items to order and then click on the { buttonAdd to cart}.

3) An "in-between" screen indicates what you have placed in your shopping cart so far: you may choose {Continue shopping} or {Proceed to checkout}.

> You can cancel or cancel an order at any time, as long as you have not yet selected a payment method and have completed it. Even AFTER completing a payment, you can still stop the order (read: "cancel"), AS long as the order has not yet been included in our fully automated processing process. Because no manual actions are involved during that processing process until the moment of loading at the carrier, stopping is (of course) no longer possible. Usually it takes 15 minutes for the robot process to start with your order. Termination is done via the Customer Service department ("Aftersales"), but the department is closed outside working hours (opening hours on working days between 10 am - 19 pm) and during holidays and weekends. Canceling (stopping an order) is unfortunately no longer possible. The only option is to refuse the shipment upon receipt.

4) If you choose {TO PAY} you end up on the payment page.

5) On the screen 1) PERSONAL DATA you have the choice to click on {New customer} and {I am already a customer† If you are a new customer, it is recommended to create an account with a password, this gives you the opportunity to check your orders afterwards.

Then click on {TO PROCEED}.

6) On the screen 2 ADRESSES you have the option to create multiple addresses, for example if your billing address differs from the shipping address (delivery address).

Then click on {TO PROCEED}.

7) On the screen 3) SHIPPING METHOD you can choose from several transport services. Be aware that the cheapest transport service is often not the most punctual and careful. You cannot derive any rights from the estimated and average transport times that each service provides to us. In special times such as strikes, bad weather conditions and other forms of crises, these times deviate from the estimates. The track & trace (tracking) codes sent to us digitally after an order are also sometimes subject to changes. These codes are already known to us days before the carriers actually come to collect the goods. And even then they can often (but not always) only be retrieved via the internet after 1 day.

Choose large and heavy and expensive products for a somewhat more expensive service, even though ALL shipments are insured through transport insurance, you do not want damage or lost shipments. Please note that in the event of damaged and/or incomplete and/or incorrect deliveries, the clauses of the transport insurances state that you must report the incident to us by email within 48 hours of receipt ( ).

Then click on {TO PROCEED}.

8) On the screen 4) PAYMENT you can choose from any payment method that applies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

> Please note that Paypal, Credit Cards, Klarna Afterwards Pay and AfterPay offer you the best protection against fraud and scams. When using credit cards, you must also enter your PIN as a last step† This is an extra security step because more and more often credit cards are stolen or your credit card details via fishing, such as CVC code and expiration date. The scammer or scammer won't know the PIN as long as you keep it away from your credit card.

But if you are used to paying via iDeal, Bancontact, KBC and Belfius and you have confidence in this, then you should of course do so immediately. At AfterPay and Klarna Post-Payment you are first quickly screened for your payment morals. It is therefore not always said that your payment choice will be approved. These services weigh risks. After all, this is a form of credit.

With Online transfer via the German bank KLARNA (SOFORT) you can also transfer money from the Netherlands and Belgium via your own bank. KLARNA is 100% safe.

First click on the checkbox {I agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy} and then watch {PAY}.

After this, your order is complete and therefore a fact.

Within a few minutes you will receive the order and payment confirmation in your mailbox with the invoice attached.

You will then receive an email within approximately 15 minutes that your order has been included in the complete robotic processing process.


Until this moment you can still technically have your order canceled by us, once in the hands of our robots it is no longer possible. The only option is to refuse the shipment upon receipt.

> Didn't receive our system messages? first look in the spam folder (folder) before sending us an email (


How am I informed about the progress of the order process?

There are several steps in the settlement process that the buyer will be notified of.

1) payment accepted: the invoice is sent as an attachment with the confirmation e-mail.

2) the preparation process has started: our robot system has started and the invoice is sent (again) as an attachment with the confirmation e-mail. Because there is approximately 1 minutes between point 2) and 15), you can still technically have us cancel the order before starting point 2), as explained above..

3) after a maximum of 2 (working) days, the package is packed and the carrier selected by the buyer is requested to pick up the package: The confirmation email is sent without attachments. An initialed packing slip ("picking list") is enclosed during packing. This packing slip is required for any damage reports. 

In view of the bulk transport contracts that have been concluded with approximately 50 transport companies throughout Europe, carriers will collect the order no later than the (working) day after the collection request: from that moment on, the transport time stated by the carrier on the order and payment page starts. This time is always displayed in workthe day. In other words: with DHL24 (hourly service) for example, the 24 hour transport time starts after DHL has actually received the package† Normally DHL-24h will also transport and deliver on Sundays and public holidays.

> The track & trace code is issued immediately (digitally) at the time of collection request. This code is only visible to the buyer approximately one day after the order has actually been picked up.

This has everything to do with the carrier's own administration and logistics, which can adapt it to circumstances at its own discretion.

The track & trace codes can be requested from us via and NOT by phone or Whatsapp.

If you are not present during the presentation of the order, carriers will usually try to deliver the package to the neighbors, leaving a message for you. If that doesn't work, the carriers (which you were allowed to choose on the payment page) will leave a message for you. We also receive an email from Aftersales that delivery has not been able to take place, as a result of which we send the buyer an email with the request to make a delivery or collection appointment with the transport service.


Delivery time

We make every effort to have the order delivered to you as soon as possible. Orders placed and paid for on working days before 12 noon, we try to ship the next working day (preparation time). However, we are not always able to fulfill this, sometimes products are not in stock in the main warehouse and then have to be transported from one of the other subsidiary warehouses to the central warehouse and the delivery of your order can take a day longer. Due to extreme crowds, the shipping time can be up to 3 days (72 hours). On the order page you can estimate the delivery time yourself (preparation time + transport time of the carrier selected by you). If the calculated and estimated delivery time is not met, we will receive a message from the carrier and we will of course inform you as soon as possible.

Our central European warehouse is located in Valencia (Spain), from where we ship via 50 international transport services throughout Western Europe.


Preparation time ("prepare for shipment"): we need this time to process your order and transfer it to the transport service: 1-2 (working) days. The logistics department is closed on weekends and holidays. Working days: Monday to Friday (24/24), excluding public holidays in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

Transport time: this is calculated and determined by the transport service chosen by the buyer for the shipment. Normally between 3 and 6 (working) days. Each transport service decides for itself whether to work during holidays and weekends.

(off)Delivery time: the time needed to deliver an order, calculated from the order: ie delivery time = preparation time + transport time† (average between 3 and 6 (working) days, calculated from the order date)

Delivery is via the postman or parcel deliverer (transport service/ carrier) of your choice. In general, the delivery will take place between 9:00 and 18:00. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the time of delivery. Weekends and holidays and crisis conditions (such as strikes and bad weather conditions and currently Covid-19) can affect the speed of delivery.




The stated (sales) prices are exclusive of shipping costs. The shipping costs are only mentioned on the order page (checkout), because you can indicate there which carrier you wish to use. Track & Trace codes can be requested from us by email the day after we have handed over the package to the carrier.

The amount of the shipping costs depends on the carrier (normal or urgent) you select on the checkout page and on the dimensions and weight of the order. The shipping costs are immediately made visible to you after choosing a carrier.


> GLS, DHL, TNT, UPS and SEUR from € 6,70.

The maximum amount per carrier depends on the dimensions and weight of the order. Each carrier uses its own formulas. The exact transport amount is shown on the list of available carriers to the delivery address you specified. The orderer himself chooses which carrier will deliver the order.