Payment Methods

The following payment methods are used to deliver DIRECTLY to you after ordering: there is no delay in delivery.

 Klarna Postpay: buy now, pay later ... OK

If you then pay with Klarna Pay Later (Klarna Pay Later), you can view, process and try your order at home when it suits you. Happy with your order? meeting! Then pay with the push of a button. Is anything coming back? No problem. With Klarna Postpay you only pay for what you keep.

Direct Payment through your bank OK


iDEAL - are payment methods, whereby you pay for your purchase in an online store through your own bank.

If you buy something via an online store, you choose your own bank 'at the checkout'. You will then automatically arrive at the login screen of the internet banking environment of your own bank. When you are logged in, you only need to confirm the payment.

When do you choose:

iDeal, if you have a bank in the Netherlands or Belgium.

All Credit Cards, Cartes Bancaires OK

Credit cards are widely used for online payments to foreign webshops. They have a so-called chargeback scheme. You can appeal to this if:

> You have not received an order.

> A product is damaged on arrival.

> If you receive something that you did not order.

The credit card company recovers the money from the seller and returns it to the cardholder.

Both PayPal (see below) and credit card companies place the burden of proof on the seller. If, for example, he cannot prove that he has delivered a certain product, the consumer can get his money back.

In addition, purchases made with your credit card or PayPal are often insured against theft, loss or damage.

Paypal OK

PayPal is a popular means of paying online. This payment method is widely used on auction sites such as eBay and Marktplaats. Unlike iDEAL, PayPal offers purchase protection† In that respect, PayPal as a payment method can be compared to credit cards.

If you have not received a product that you have paid with PayPal, PayPal will ensure that you get your money back. Even if the product is damaged during shipment or deviates significantly from the description, you can get your money back via PayPal. You must then submit a claim yourself.

Cash on delivery OK

Does not apply